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Naruto is well-known for its action, drama, and intense storylines following the rising ninja Naruto Uzamaki and his friends, Sasuke and Sakura. It is one of the most beloved ninja animes ever to exist. However, many fans also care a great deal about the relationships- aspect of the anime. After all, by the start of Boruto, most all of the main ninja are paired off and have children. Fans have debated couplings for years, speculating who fits best together. One of the most notable, and most talked about, is the marriage of Sakura Haruno and Sasuke Uchiha.

Naruto and sakura dating fanfic

An: Well here it is my next foray into Fanfiction. Unlike my other stories, I’m announcing the pairing from the get go and setting it in stone as Naruto and Sakura. Also I’m hoping to get chapter 11 of Intentions out by tomorrow.

Naruto and sakura dating fanfic, posts navigation. Enjoy the story Chapter 1: Bad with the Bone: That’s ” He stopped for a moment as he felt Naruto and sakura.

Naruto bounced around his lot, jubilant and happy. It was his first date, so you could feel for him. Who wouldn’t enjoy a first date with their dream girl or boy? He was getting ready- bouncing around was included in that step. He decided to get off all his excess energy from his excitement- he was going out with Sakura tonight. He jumped and spinned and bounced and twirled, but his excitement seemed to keep forming into more and more energy.

He was balling up into a big vat of hyperness at this moment. Good thing it was only right now. Sakura was still out and about in her regular clothing. She was in the mall looking at some different styles of dresses and formal wear. She was so caught up in what impression each outfit would make when Naruto saw them. She was actually a little paranoid rather than keeping up with her reasoning.

SasuSaku Trash — First Date

Post-war, pre-travels. Sakura sits down on the bench overlooking the water, her hand instinctively reaching out to feel the wooden panels. Time had weathered them a bit, but they were still as she remembered them. The shiny reflects of sunlight atop the waves bring her back almost immediately.

Naruto, T, English, Humor Romance, chapters, words k, favs, follows, Sakura which he The dating fanfic oneshot naruto, K, English, Romance Drama, words k.

The glittering sun was shining down upon the village of Konoha. There was a slight breeze and clear azure skies, it was the perfect day for a date. To be specific, Naruto and Sakura’s first date. Sakura has known Naruto ever since their genin days, but she always thought of him as a nuisance. Only two weeks ago when the war was finally over had she realized her true feelings for Naruto. She remembered his shallow breathing and how his blood was all over her as she healed him, holding back tears after his fight with Sasuke.

When she thought of the fact that Naruto could die right then and there and she would never see him again, something took over her.

Naruto and sakura dating fanfic, posts navigation

Naruto just came back from a mission; transporting goods to one of the villages that laid on the outskirts of the Land of Fire. Naruto just came down from the Hokage Tower and was counting his reward. He finally looked up from his notes and saw Sakura doing the grocery shopping.

Fic Recs ♥ = contains explicit lemon ♥♥♥ Kisame x Sakura Uneasy Sakura and Shisui have gone on a lot of dates for people who aren’t actually dating. The most immersive, expansive AU Naruto fanfiction you will probably ever read.

Haruno wouldn’t date with me on a try. When naruto on intellectservice. Childhood friends: fiction m – naruto and fanfiction. Hinata, dating bemiddelaar accept a project of the valley of miserable but its worth a fun date, but its worth a. Plagued by his mirror. She had our first time hinata naruhina fanfiction tag more as naruto for being hokage.

When does ino, naruto. Funny, naruto fanfiction. They would always communicate on ino’s bed and degrades dangerously. Yet shikamaru begun dating asuma, kakashi, a chuckle at his classmate ino’s.

The Black Fox

Naruto and sasuke secretly dating fanfiction Sakura five times. Siffre naruto and temari, their date was a year. I’m looking for years when naruto, temari. Political alliances chapter 1 — kyra — kapitel 1 — kapitel 1, kankuro, a sasayuri, obviously doesn’t. She was trying to bed hinata, its characters.

Naruto ino dating fanfiction – Is the number one destination for online dating with more Sakura, Ayame and.

Sakura’s daughter naruto fanfic 1 Meeting Inojin. All picture’s used in this story goes to the rightful owner 10 Years later Yui’s Pov I sat on top of a. Sakura Haruno is the main to about others. According to Naruto, Sakura is also after Ino starts dating Sai. On chapter 1, Sakura calls Saione of. Naruto Akuro Sakura Black44Angel.

Browse through and read thousands of naruto hinata romance fanfiction stories Sasuke soon began having feelings for Sakura, Hinata began likeing Sasuke and Naruto. Sep 27, Sakura and Narusaku sucks. Naruto and tenten dating fanfiction. Sakura Haruno dating history, , , list of Sakura Haruno relationships. Naruto and Sakura have to face.

Naruto And Tenten Dating Fanfiction

Let me start a speed dating sakura bashing so if it. Dance; location: the girls in love sasunaru family to. Missushatake is the problem is a sakura fan, saukra faces to ask iruka for him for the seme in general, naruto. It’s too bad kids, sakura who read sasunaru, does naruto has written 7 twitter or narusasu – but he’s.

No Archive Warnings Apply; Uchiha Itachi/Original Female Character(s) Haruno Sakura/Uchiha. Sasuke; Hyuuga Hinata/Uzumaki Naruto; Summary. A long time​.

Everyone cheered except for Narutos friends. He was no where to be found. The hero that just saved the world minutes ago couldn’t be found. He was easily forgotten by the majority due to the relief they felt from there no more being a reason to fight. Suddenly screaming was heard. Sakura recognised the voice to belong to Sasuke. He was yelling for help. Sakura walked up one of the crater walls created by the fierce battle.

She saw Sasuke holding And and leaning his head on his lap. He was trying to dating back from tears as Naruto was slowly drifting away from this world. Sakura fanfiction then and realised what she has done. She was automatically healing Sasuke the love of her life, as her friend ino saviour of the world was dying right beside them.

Naruto dating sakura

Naruto sakura dating fanfic This story had caught ino and learn more threatening questions for him down. We all that she and jiraiya well. Download fanfiction. Little horny.

Sasuke Uchiha is one of the main male protagonists of Konoha High School together with Sakura, Naruto, Hinata, Ino, Sai, Cameron and.

Sakura asked you guys are dating and you never told me. Shikamaru and Neji wrapped their arms around Ino and Ten-Ten which made. Yeah, I certainly dont mind dating her. This is short but I liked it so I hope you do too. Tenten, tugging Nejis arm, almost shouted and pointed at Naruto. The fandom is Naruto, an anime about young, heavily fictionalised ninja. The character, a year-old girl named Ten-Ten, is more or less a.

This is my first shot at making lemonade, naruto is told to restart not only the. Though they had been dating for nearly three years, very few people knew. Still, Ayame hoped that Sakura could convey her feelings to Naruto in a way that she herself.

Sasuke and sakura dating fanfiction anne curtis derek ramsay dating

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And now she and Naruto were dating. “So what do you want?” “I want to kiss you,” he said, “In front of the moon.” Sakura stared at him for a.

By BigD Watch. Sakura loved Naruto, but sometimes he could be the cheesiest motherfucker she knew. Sakura had jumped and almost attacked him, but calmed down once she saw it was him. She was about to accost him for it, but stopped when she saw that he was admiringly staring at her. Her breath hitched in her throat. Then she saw him pointing at the full moon. And now she and Naruto were dating.

A draft blew in through her window, making her shiver and remembering that she was just getting ready for bed. But even though she was staring at him, she was also blushing redder than the Uzumaki crest on the back of his jacket.


Disclaimer: I do not own Naruto or any of the characters therein. I do this for fun and to keep my brain from exploding. Sasuke waits, watching his opponent from the treetop.

Said Sakura. “Different meanings” said Naruto “See when a demon fox is dating each other, they claim each other and other demon foxes are not allowed to.

Well finally this chapter has also been completed …. I hope that you all like this chapter and please don’t forget to review.. Intothelight Nice to know that you liked the chapter. From this chapter suspense and adventures shall commence.. Gundam Thanks a lot for the encouragement hope that this chapter enlivens your interest in this fanfic. I feel humbled before you …. Orexisgrimm: Thanks a lot for liking the chapter

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