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Louis Vuitton is known for its intergenerational statement bags. The French luxury brand has designed some of the most iconic silhouettes that are just as popular now as they were when they were first released. Collectible trunks, the Speedy, and the Alma are some styles that are just too good to discontinue. Another noteable style is the Neverfull. The Neverfull has been recreated with many motifs and a few structural updates over the years, but the brand continues to produce the Neverfull in monogram canvas year after year. So, how can you tell the difference? When buying a vintage bag, the first things to consider are condition and age. It is fairly easy to tell the condition of a bag visually. It is harder to tell the age. Older bags may contain slightly different attributes than newer bags.

A Quick Guide to Authentic Louis Vuitton Date Codes: Updated

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Read on to find out how you can authenticate a Louis Vuitton handbag. thus you won’t find date codes on vintage bags made before

Here, we will discuss proper ways of identifying the age and authenticity of your vintage Louis Vuitton trunk. It is a fun and exciting task to uncover the mystery of your trunk. Learn how to look for authentic characteristics of real Louis Vuitton trunks, from people who have been in the vintage trunk business for decades. Louis Vuitton was born in in France. At the age of 13, he left home on foot, headed for Paris. He was mesmerized by the grandeur and magic of the city, and soon found work apprenticing for a box maker and packer.

This was a respectable trade, and Vuitton learned the art of packing and creating custom luggage. The rest, they say, is history.

Louis Vuitton Date Code Guide

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All authentic Louis Vuitton handbags since the early ‘s have date codes. Date codes are a series of numbers and letters that represent the date the bag was.

You can tell the bag is vintage by the LV hardware which is brass and usually will have green patina around the hardware buttons. Be sure to check the lining and leather stitching for authenticity. These numbers represented the month and year that the item was made. If you see a number such as it was made in March The first two numbers represent the year and the last number represents the month. If you see 4 numbers such as it was made in December These numbers represented the year, month and place of manufacturing.

If you see a number such as SL it was made in November and manufactured in France. If you see a number such as SL you would know that the item was made in July and manufactured in France.

How to Appraise your early Louis Vuitton Trunk

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Need Some Help Authenticating Your Louis Vuitton Item? Date codes aren’t just exclusive to Louis Vuitton bags; they can also be found in other While older bags and vintage styles are likely to have musty odors, the fake.

The Louis Vuitton date code is one of the most notable ways to identify an authentic Louis Vuitton. Just because a bag has what appears to be a date code does not mean the bag is automatically authentic. One of the easiest tricks for people who make replica bags is to put stamp some letters and numbers onto the bag and forge a date code. You might as well just flip a coin because you are missing so many important details in the authentication process.

These codes, while not unique to the bag, will tell you both the country year and in many cases week of production for a piece. Note that unlike brands such as Chanel, Louis Vuitton does not include and has not historically included authenticity cards with its handbags. The date code is typically stamped onto a leather tab and sewn along a seam of the bag interior. For bags with an alcantara lining a soft, microsuede the date code will be stamped directly onto the lining.

For this material, in particular, the code is known to wear or fade over time making it in many cases nearly impossible to distinguish with the naked eye this is part of why photographing your bag is important. While almost all non-vintage Louis Vuitton will have been stamped with a date code, there are exceptions to the rule in regards to their visibility.


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It is also important to note that vintage Louis Vuitton bags, made prior to early ‘s, do not have date codes. Furthermore, certain bags with.

Since the early s, Louis Vuitton has included date codes with its bags, small leather goods, and most accessories. These are not considered serial numbers and are not used for the purpose of verifying authenticity. Rather, these are date codes consisting of letters and numbers or in the case of older bags, simply numbers that identify the date and location the bag was manufactured.

The letters in the date code correspond to the country in which the bag was made and the numbers correspond the date. This can be particularly helpful when considering purchasing a vintage or used Louis Vuitton bag. Note that unlike brands such as Chanel, Louis Vuitton does not include and has not historically included authenticity cards with its handbags.

5 Tips to Tell a Real from a Fake Vintage Louis Vuitton

Authenticating Louis Vuitton is a valuable skill to have and one I have been fortunate enough to become not only an expert at it but also built a business around it. Before I had kids studying Louis Vuitton was a hobby of mine. I had several handbags that I purchased at the store and one Saturday afternoon I was on eBay and came across a vintage trunk that was in my price range. I became enthralled by the history of this year-old trunk and set out to find as much as I could about it.

In building my expertise I have some go-to authentication techniques that can help anyone quickly spot a fake.

A Louis Vuitton date code indicates the country of production and production time of I bought this pre loved vintage louis vuitton saint cloud PM cross body bag.

One of the most helpful ways to determine whether a Louis Vuitton bag is authentic is verifying the date code because unlike other brands such as Chanel, LV bags do not come with authenticity cards. Louis Vuitton has been incorporating date codes in almost every bag, wallet, shoe style, and small leather piece since the early s. Prior to the s, there was no such thing as a Louis Vuitton date code, which makes it difficult to date vintage pieces.

Although counterfeit bags can have date codes that appear authentic, there are many other details to review when considering authenticity. In early s date codes, the first two numbers indicate the year, and the last one or two numbers indicate the month of manufacturing. In , Louis Vuitton changed the four-digit numbering system format. Instead of indicating the month an item was manufactured, the first and third numbers now represent the week and the second and fourth numbers still represent the year.

The letters continue to represent the specific factory where an item was manufactured. An exception for this rule is sunglasses.

No Date Code? May Be an Authentic VINTAGE LV Bag!

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While almost all non-vintage Louis Vuitton will have been stamped with a date code, there are exceptions to the rule in regards to their visibility.

Founded by the French luggage craftsman Louis Vuitton in , the Louis Vuitton company first revolutionized travel gear by popularizing the flat-bottomed canvas trunk, which French aristocrats and consumers soon preferred above all other models. Here are some tips on authenticating LV bags that involve these materials.

Louis Vuitton handbags, such as Speedy and Keepall, are made from an entire piece of canvas. The vachetta leather is a natural leather that is commonly used as leather trim in combination with canvas leather. The vachetta leather will always change color over time. Even if the bag is unused, over time the leather will turn darker due to oxidization, and produces a thin layer of a beautiful honey-colored patina. On the contrary, counterfeit Louis Vuitton bags are frequently made from treated leathers, which do not change colors as authentic bags do.

Most Monogram canvas bags are trimmed with vachetta leather, so identifying the leather will help ensure that the bag is authentic.

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