Anchor dating to conquest found off Mexico’s Gulf coast

The central Gulf coast is among the least-visited yet most distinct areas of Mexico. Today, Huastec and Totonac culture remains strong in the north. Rich in agriculture — coffee, vanilla, tropical fruits and flowers grow everywhere — the Gulf coast is also endowed with large deposits of oil and natural gas. Continue reading to find out more about The few non-Mexican tourists who find their way here are usually just passing through. In part, at least, this is because the area makes no particular effort to attract them; the weather can also be blamed — it rains more often and more heavily here than just about anywhere else in Mexico.

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Compare the local time of two timezones, countries or cities of the world. Poza Rica de Hidalgo is a city in Mexico. Poza Rica de Hidalgo , Mexico Veracruz. What time is it? Current local time in Poza Rica de Hidalgo Mexico. Sunday, October 25, to Standard Time 1 hour back from am to am.

Archaeologists in Mexico have found a Spanish anchor off the Gulf coast of Veracruz that dates to around the time of the Spanish conquest.

Volcanism began about 7 my ago, in the Late Miocene, and continued to recent times with historical eruptions in ad and Between about 3 and 1 my ago, four large composite volcanoes were built in the eastern part of the area. Rocks from these structures are hydrothermally altered and covered with lateritic soils, and their northern slopes show extensive erosional dissection that has widened preexisting craters to form erosional calderas.

The eastern volcanoes are composed of alkali basalts, hawaiites, mugearites, and benmoreites, with less common calc-alkaline basaltic andesites and andesites. A ridge of flank cinder cones blocked drainage to the north to form Laguna Catemaco. In total, about km 3 of lava has been erupted in the TVF in the last 7 my.

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Along with mind-boggling numbers of other migrant bird species — Wood Storks, Anhingas, White Pelicans, and Scissor-tailed Flycatchers among them — these raptors are funneled into a mile-wide bottleneck between the mountains and the Gulf of Mexico. The tour will highlight the high diversity and number of raptor and non-raptor migrants including dragonflies and butterflies — which number over one million per day! The tour begins and ends in Veracruz.

The results in dating profiles. Veracruz formally Veracruz de Ignacio de la Llave officially the Free and Sovereign State of especially in Tehuipango, Mixtla de.

Goguitchaichvili 1 , M. Received: March 13, Accepted: July 3, Archeological samples analyzed by modern magnetic techniques carry a stable univectorial thermoremanent magnetization under alternating field treatment. Early geomagnetic field intensity determinations using the Coe variant of Thellier method were performed on 90 selected samples.

Cooling rate corrected intensity values range from Corresponding virtual axial dipole moments VADM range from 5. For tentative dating purposes, we used global archeointensity curves reduced to central and eastern Mexico that permit preliminary dating of Quiahuiztlan potteries. Archeological remains are abundant in Mexico, but archeomagnetic studies are still scarce and of uneven quality Morales et al.

In the early seventies, Wolfman reported archeomagnetic directions from some sites in Central and Eastern Mexico. Unfortunately most of the archeological material that can be used in archeomagnetism is not oriented. Thus, relatively few reliable paleodirections of the geomagnetic field may be obtained. Absolute geomagnetic intensity studies archeointensity have the advantage that no oriented material is required.

Nonetheless, few studies have been carried out in the region e. High quality studies have been carried out for other places in America southwestern U.

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announced Tuesday they have found a Spanish anchor off the Gulf coast of Veracruz that dates to around the time of the Spanish conquest.

Lava flows dominated in formation of the broad shield volcano, which is largely of Pleistocene age and is morphologically distinct from the steep-sided stratovolcanoes of the Mexican Volcanic Belt. Glaciation at the summit has left a steep-sided, box-like peak, which is sometimes referred to as the “Treasure Chest of Perote. Numerous cinder cones dot the flanks of Cofre de Perote. A cluster of very youthful basaltic cinder cones is located on the NE flank, and young lava flows have traveled eastward to beyond the major city of Jalapa Xalapa , the capital of the state of Veracruz.

The youngest lava flow, from the compound El Volcancillo vent on the lower NE flank, was radiocarbon dated at about years ago. First visit to our site? Get our newsletter! Our Android App. Our New Book. Volcano Tours. Volcano Adventure Guide.

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By The Maritime Executive. By Port of Olympia. By The Maritime Executive In the 16th century, the area was a busy trading hub for Spanish vessels, and they provide new context for the early Spanish presence in the region. The finds are in addition to another anchor discovered in The earlier find had an intact wooden stock, and laboratory analysis showed that it was hewn from a tree in the Cantabrian region of Spain sometime in the second half of the 15th century.

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Explore Miguel C’s photos on Flickr. Miguel C has uploaded photos to Flickr. The ancient inhabitants of the coast of the Gulf of Mexico in the region that is now the state of Veracruz had great command of the ceramic medium and produced a wide variety of ceramic sculptures for many hundreds, if not thousands, of years. Laurence J. Log in to your Tumblr account to start posting to your blog.

This mold-made ceramic figure depicts a bearded, mustachioed male wearing a ballgame yoke around his waist to protect him from the hard, solid rubber ball used in play.

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